vintage galvanized zinc pots

A couple of Outstanding galvanise Images

  1. vintage galvanized zinc pots
    Image by H is for Home
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  2. John Lysaghts galvanising works on the Feeder Canal, 1920
    Image by brizzle born and bred
    As this picture shows, the Feeder was much more than a water supply for the Harbour, providing Lysaghts, the Great Western Cotton Factory, the Netham Alkali Works, St Annes Board Mill and William Butlers tar works with a direct route for goods carried in barges to and from ships berthed at the quays below Bristol Bridge.

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  3. Galvanized Study, Vertical Composition
    Image by cobalt123
    Experimental shot with my new Canon 40D, early morning near my hotel in Yuma, AZ.