Tips On How To Reduce The Risks Of Asthma

January 1, 2013 · Posted in General 

You should learn as much as you can about asthma. The information that was presented here is only the tip of the iceberg of advice that is available for asthma sufferers. With their help, you can make asthma something you manage, rather than something that rules your life.

When pollen counts are high, people who have asthma should stay inside. Even though asthma is not technically an allergy, those who suffer from allergies often find their condition is exacerbated by the same irritants and triggers that those afflicted with asthma are affected by as well. Asthma suffers can now minimize exposure to outdoor pollutants and irritants by checking online for current air quality in their areas.

In the winter, prevent attacks by wearing shawls, mufflers and scarves that cover the nose and mouth. This will warm the air that you breathe before it enters your lungs. Studies have consistently shown that cold air can cause your throat and lungs to constrict, triggering asthma attacks. Children are especially susceptible to cold-induced asthma.

Make sure you schedule regular checkups with your doctor every few months to keep a heads up on your asthmatic condition. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and make any changes as they see fit. It is your responsibility to make sure you make these appointments with your doctor so that he can follow up with you and keep you healthy.

If you or a member of your household has asthma, be sure to ban smoking in your home, your car and your immediate vicinity. People who want to smoke should do so outside, away from the house and away from the person with asthma. Heavy smokers may trigger an asthma attack just by carrying the scent of smoke on their clothing. A good way to reduce asthma symptoms is buy using a home dehumidifier. This device removes the humidity in the air and makes the environment more dry. Having wet or humid air in a home can cause an asthma attack. Taking this into consideration, a dehumidifier is a great solution for trying to prevent an asthma attack.


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