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November 9, 2012 · Posted in General 
  1. I am a sophomore inhigh school and i am part of a class called avid. this class has a lot of tension between the students meaning no onelikes each other. i am planning a sleep over for my class so we can get along. im making food and playing games. the normal things but i only have a couple games like taboo and stuff. PLEASE HELP ME!!! if youhave any idea for good games please help!!!

    Answer by Ricky F
    monopoly…that game never gets old

  2. Do you know of any animal games that like you have to feel wash and take care of animals like you would a real pet? like virtual games where you have to take care of it or it will die and you can take it on walk and all that. if you know of any online FREE games thanks.

    Answer by Marty F
    sims pets?

  3. Does anyone know extremely kool games online?
    Games for free, similar to console games ?????????
    PLEASE tell me i have no other consols exept gameboy color.

    Answer by Miserable at best
    oh go to addicting games
    it keeps me busy


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