Proven Email Marketing Tips And Tricks For The Average Person

November 14, 2012 · Posted in General 

Keep in mind that email marketing’s ultimate goal is selling your products or services. Every email should be a way to get clients to make a purchase. You can do this by writing an email that offers information on a new product, that expounds unexpected benefits of an old product or that promotes a special new promotion. When following up with your customers, it’s an excellent idea to send out a follow-up email with a coupon offer. Make sure a link is included that allows clients to view the coupon. Include a sales pitch stating that the client can experience significant savings via your coupons.

You should always ask for permission before you add someone to your mailing list. All unrequested emails are spam, whether or not that was the intention of the sender. Your ISP may take action against you as well because sending out lot of emails can be seen as spamming, which may be against their policies. Write your content for people, not to get past the spam bots. If you create a good message and do not include too much sales talk, you will avoid spam filters. If you try to use fancy phrases and other methods to avoid key words like “free,” you’ll annoy human users and probably get grabbed by the filters anyway. The importance of layout cannot be underestimated in e-mail marketing. While it can be tempting to make a beautiful HTML layout for your email, many email programs will block your graphics and leave your email looking strange. Be sure important information is located in the text. Provide enticing links to your site and your audience can view a more enriched site there.

If it’s time to follow up with your clients, consider sending them a freebie offer via email. Make sure that your emails have a statement attached about this. The end of your email should contain a call to action before the offer is pulled.


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