Majoras mask fairies?

June 17, 2014 · Posted in General 
  1. If you reset them with the song of time, do you have to go back again and complete them again? I am talking about the woodland one btw. I did it and I defeated the last boss in the temple and if I return the stray fairies back to the broken fairy and it fixes itself, then I use the song of time to go to the mountains, will it be broken when I get there?

    Answer by 1337star
    A) Yes, stray fairies reset when you play the Song of Time. As long as youve gotten the reward from that particular Great Fairy, it doesnt matter, though.

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    B) Each Great Fairy has their own stray fairies. Even if you didnt play the Song of Time, the Great Fairy at Snowhead would be broken, no matter how many of Woodfalls fairies you collected.

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  3. Okay so like i said im writing an english essay about fairies, is it true that their enimies are trolls ? and if you have any useful info on fairies and their enimies that would be great (:

    Answer by DAI rin-chan
    “Fairies” is an extremely general term. Technically trolls are a kind of fairy. The image we think of when we hear the word fairy, a little human-shaped creature with wings, comes from the writings of Victorians and have next to nothing in common with actual fairies. Im sorry if this makes your essay harder. The Fair Folk come in a wide variety of beings, no two of which are quite the same. All are whimsical and dangerous, even if they dont really mean any harm. They can be split into two general groups, the Seelie and Unseelie courts. The Seelie court is associated with light, and are the ones we are usually more fascinated with. The Unseelie court is darker, and its fairies are usually scarier. The two groups dont exactly get along, but neither can be described as good. Fairies are chaotic creatures, and do whatever they feel like. When humans have encounters with either group, their lives always change for the worst. The fairies dont really care, either. They just do whatever amuses them.


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