Importance Of Ice Hockey Helmets

April 10, 2014 · Posted in General 

Ice hockey is a fun and thrilling sport that is popular in countries with winter season. It is a highly fast-paced game wherein its players move around 30 kilometers per hour. The main objective of this game is for one team to score most points by shooting a rubber disc on the opposing teams net using a long stick with a curved blade at the end. For this reason, it usually involves physical contact between players. These physical contacts may lead to accidents due to the games high-speed action. The common reported injuries from this sport include concussions, lacerations, fractures, muscle sprains and bone dislocations. Because of the high danger involved when playing ice hockey, it is recommended that players protect themselves by wearing ice hockey helmets to minimize possible injuries.

Ice Hockey Helmets can Prevent Injuries

The first body part that must always be protected is the head thats why hockey helmets are required parts of every ice hockey uniform. These helmets are made from high quality materials which cannot be cracked nor crooked by collisions. They can come with total facial protection wherein a mask-like gear is added in front of a helmet to add maximum shield on ones face. Hockey players sometimes complain about these helmets limiting their abilities to move and see clearly during a game. However, wearing of ice hockey helmets has strictly been implemented to all teams in order to lessen the damages that may be caused by this dangerously thrilling sport.

Types of Helmets

Hockey helmets are often classified by the amount of coverage they offer to their wearers. A basic helmet covers ones head from its base to the forehead. It does not provide any covering for the face. Wearing this type of helmet may allow a player to see his opponents and their movements clearly however it also exposes his face to possible hits. For facial protection, there are ice hockey helmets that come with full visors or half visors. Helmets with full visors protect ones entire face although they are also susceptible to condensation from the players breathing. This may cause the visor to blur out the players vision so it is important to ensure that these helmets come with good air ventilation before buying one. Other players prefer wearing those with half visors for best air ventilation although, by doing so, they still expose their chins and noses to possible injuries.

How to Choose Helmets

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One must remember only three tips when choosing the perfect ice hockey helmets for protection when playing ice hockey games. First, make sure that the products are certified by ANSI, Snell or CSA to ensure that they meet the legal safety standards. Then, check if the chosen helmet has a good shell design. The shell design consists of its air ventilation ability, adjustments and fit. Make sure that all these three factors suit ones need to ensure an absolute protection. The third tip is to ensure that a helmet uses EPP foam which is the most reliable type of concussion foam. This will provide players utmost shields.

Using ice hockey helmets when playing ice hockey is extremely essential to protect players from serious injuries that can highly happen in this accident-prone sport. It is important to choose the right types of hockey helmets to ensure total head protection and to reduce possible head injuries.

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