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What do you do with a garment bag while traveling? – Men Underwear

Do you put the garment bag in your luggage? Do you check it seperately? Can I take it on the plane with me to ensure it doesn't get lost? I have never flown a garment bag before and I don't want any trouble at the airport.. What do you do with your garment bags while traveling? Answer by Just JessWhat type of garment bag are you referring to? For actual luggage style garment bags (ones that will fit a suit or two, some shirts, shoes, and a few other misc items) most people check them. Make sure you have a luggage tag on the bag. For garment bags that you get when you purchase a nice suit or dress (ones that are thin plastic and just zip up the center) most people carry them on as they don't stand up to the luggage hold and being tossed around very well. I bleached Assess Considerably More Assess Considerably More