Best way to start playing poker for real?

April 19, 2013 · Posted in General 
  1. I am a big poker player and want to start playing for some money online. It will be my first time playing for cash online and i am just wondering what amount of money i should expect to start with to get my on my feet.

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    Answer by Steven Mucci
    Isabella, It depends on what stakes you are playing.. Most poker players follow a strict bankroll management of having atleast 20 buyins for a cash game.. So if you want to play 10cents 20 cents blinds your buy in would be 100times the Big Blind so 20 dollars.. so you should have 400 dollars in your online poker again. This sounds absurd amount of money but if you want to give yourself the b est chance to not go broke and to give yourself room for bad luck and ugly down swings then you should give yourself atleast 20 buy ins. Hope this asnwers your question.

  2. I have been playing for about 6 months and going to join a penny poker club where I suspect most people will be fish! Should I use aggressive play or tight play? I suspect tight play is better as they will call too often and catch out any bluffs. The trouble is I may become a grinder and it will take ages to win. Any other suggestions?

    Answer by GeneWeen
    if you feel you are a better poker player then the longer you want them sitting at the table, and if you feel they are better poker players get in with the best hand and get out fast. The best thing for any poker player to do is keep those spewing chips sitting at your table.

  3. I am in charge of planning a poker tournament for my campus, and I was wondering if anyone knows of software I can project with a blind timer and chip value section. Its a Texas hold em tournament if that helps. Thanks in advance!

    Answer by Jeffrey
    there are alot of software downloading sites like or you cold use limewire if u need info on anything like that e-mail me


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